St Augustine's Priory
Hillcrest Road
London W5 2JL
Telephone: 020 8997 2022
Facsimile: 020 8810 6501

School Travel Plan

The pupils and staff at St Augustine’s Priory are committed to promoting travel to and from school by safe and sustainable means. We continue to work hard to promote the health and social benefits this brings and to work with outside agencies to achieve and maintain the targets we have set. Our School Travel Plan is a living document that we will review through curriculum work on a yearly basis.
The School Travel Plan aims to demonstrate:

  • A recognition of the need to reduce car traffic generated by the school;
  • A commitment to the local community to improve the local environment;
  • The encouragement of alternative modes of travel to the car, to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, save energy and minimise air pollution; and
  • A commitment to healthy lifestyles across the school.

A copy of the current Travel Plan in its entirety is kept in the Almoner’s Office for inspection during the School day.

How to Get Here

By public  transport:
Located on the 83 and 112 bus routes, and  approximately 10 minutes' walk from the following tube stations;
Hanger Lane (Central line), North Ealing (Piccadilly line) and Park Royal (Piccadilly line).

By car:
Located in Ealing on Hillcrest Road, at  the corner with Hanger Lane (A406), please view the map below for directions:

From Address: