Pupils’ creative development is an important part of life at St Augustine’s Priory and the imaginative and attractive displays in classrooms and throughout the school demonstrate the importance and value given to each child’s work. The classroom curriculum is extended by opportunities to visit museums and galleries, and children study the work of famous artists in Key Stage I and Key Stage II.

Key Stage I

In Key Stage I Art is integrated into the whole curriculum and children are encouraged to develop their confidence and self-expression through stimulating topic-based activities such as Traditional Tales in English and Materials in Science. Alongside the development of their basic skills, pupils in Key Stage I have the opportunity to make 3D models and sculptures, as well as to experiment with a wide variety of materials.

Key Stage II

In Key Stage II the girls have the opportunity to experience an increasing variety of materials and techniques. The girls are encouraged to explore ideas about Line, Tone, Colour, Pattern, Texture, Composition, Shape, Form and Space. As with Key Stage I, Art naturally forms strong cross-curricular links with topic-based projects on the Romans, Ancient Greece, Egyptians, Tudors, and Aboriginal Studies, to name but a few. Girls are also involved in set and prop design for year group productions.