English and Drama

Key Stage I

In Key Stage I, the focus is on developing language and literature skills. Regular reading increases the girls’ confidence as they move towards more independent reading. We follow the Letters and Sounds Phonics scheme, which helps children with spelling and decoding new words. The Nelson Handwriting scheme is used to develop fine motor skills and to introduce joined-up handwriting. Girls are given the opportunity to write for a range of purposes and in a variety of forms, such as recipes, invitations, reports and stories.

Key Stage II

In Key Stage II the girls are reading confidently and independently, choosing a wide range of genres and authors. Both comprehension and writing skills are developed by the study of a range of texts, including informative writing, reports, poetry, newspaper articles, and extracts from fiction and non-fiction. Spellings are learned and tested weekly, and grammar is taught in a variety of ways. Speaking and listening skills are developed in the classroom as part of every lesson. Drama skills are taught, and the girls have the opportunity to perform in an annual musical production typically in Lower II (Year 5) and Upper II (Year 6).