Girls in the Junior Department enjoy the facilities of a dedicated Junior ICT Suite which has recently been completely upgraded. The girls have timetabled ICT lessons where they learn specific ICT skills and practise them through working on tasks from cross-curricular lessons. In addition to ICT lessons, the ICT Suite is used for teaching subject-specific tasks.

Key Stage I

Key Stage I girls are introduced to the school network and they begin to use age-appropriate software for drawing and to input text and pictures. They also enjoy using the Bee-bot, a bright and colourful programmable floor robot which enables young children to learn through play about control and directional language, providing a perfect "hands on" introduction to robotics. As the girls’ ICT skills develop they begin to use the internet for research, for example Prep III has been finding out about Florence Nightingale as part of a History topic.


Key Stage II

In Key Stage II the girls are taught to use computers with confidence and independence, and make increasing use of ICT for research and presentations using a range software programs. They also enjoy using cameras to photograph and film their work in a number of areas of the curriculum; Upper I girls recently filmed a nature documentary and are learning basic editing skills to create the finished film. Girls receive regular teaching about staying safe online.