In the Prep and Junior Department, the girls are taught Mathematics through the Abacus Evolve scheme. The scheme develops the children’s mental mathematics, problem solving and investigative skills. A range of resources are used to support the teaching and learning of Mathematics, including interactive programs, practical activities, games and written work.

Our aim is to encourage all our children to enjoy the many different aspects of Mathematics, to be prepared to take risks, not to be afraid of making mistakes and to achieve their potential in this exciting and multi-faceted subject. The children are encouraged to develop their mental arithmetic skills and to use the correct mathematical vocabulary, and we find that they quickly gain the confidence to talk about their work and methods at quite a sophisticated level. Programmes of work for each term are designed to cover different strands of Mathematics: Numbers and the Number System, Shape and Space, Measures including money and time, Problem Solving, Data Handling and Investigations.

A variety of teaching styles and activities are used to suit different learning styles with children working as a whole class, individually and in pairs or groups as appropriate. The children have enjoyed participating in ‘No Pen Wednesday’ and ‘Puzzle Challenge Day’ day which develop the girls’ problem solving skills.