From EYFS to KS2

From the word go all pupils are taught French by a specialist teacher who is able to bring a depth and richness of experience to lessons, as well as a real love and enthusiasm for their subject.

Pupils begin to learn French in Prep 1(Reception).During the first years in Prep 1, 2, and 3 French is used for the majority of the lesson.Very young children are taught through play, songs, storytelling, watching short stories, videos, playing games, miming. Many cross- curricular activities are incorporated in order to reinforce the learning of other subjects.

Later from lower 1(Year 3) we focus on practical communication reinforced with clear explanations and practice of the grammar of the language. The lessons are pacey and dynamic. Pupils are encouraged to see learning languages as an enjoyable activity and look forward to their French lessons.



Visit type

Target Group

Côte D’Opale

2 night stay in a hotel. Many exciting visits included and a possibility to meet with French pupils of the same age.


Upper 2