Physical Education

Key Stage I

Physical Education develops the child’s fine and gross motor skills and her control and coordination in movement as well as her spatial awareness. The children learn about the benefits of being healthy and active and recognize the changes which happen within their body when they are active.

Key Stage I pupils thrive on participating in a range of sporting activities during their PE lessons which include movement to music, ball skills and athletics. In addition they have the opportunity to participate in after school football, ballet and gymnastics clubs.


Key Stage II

Key Stage II pupils from Lower I (Year3) to Lower II (Year 5) have weekly swimming lessons at the local swimming pool. They regularly compete in friendly as well as competitive swimming galas against other schools both at local and regional level.


Throughout the Junior Department the girls take part in striking and fielding games, such as rounders, tennis and kwik cricket. The girls play invasion games including netball and hockey, as well as studying dance and participating in cross country and athletics.


Girls participate in team sports against other schools and develop their skills and tactical game play by training during lunch-time and in after school clubs. In addition they enjoy inter-house competitions in various sporting activities. The highlight of the sporting year is Sports Day: a family day where parents, girls, staff gather to watch and compete to win the coveted Sports Day Cup for their house. The girls’ sporting achievements throughout the year are celebrated in the annual Sports Tea, where certificates and awards are given to the girls who have represented the School in sport.


The extra-curricular sports offered after-school include: netball, hockey, tennis, rounders, gymnastics, football, cross country, karate, and ballet.