A Tradition of Excellence

"The School has really brought my daughter on. It has  taught her to take responsibility and to be compassionate; to accept and learn from others. It has taught her to lead."  (Current Parent)

St Augustine's has a long tradition and is proud of its history. It was founded in France in 1634 by Lady Mary Tredway who wanted to provide a haven where English women could pursue a religious vocation and where an independent Catholic education could be offered to young girls.

The School, which moved to Ealing in 1914-15, follows the philosophy expounded by its Patron, St Augustine of Hippo, that children learn better with smiles and constant encouragement than with threats and scorn. St Augustine's Priory provides a caring and stimulating environment for girls of all ages.

Set in beautiful grounds with nearly thirteen acres of fields and gardens,  St Augustine's offers space where minds and bodies can grow together. We were  'alternative' and 'holistic' before the words became clich├ęs. St Augustine's Priory is an independent Catholic Day School.

The Chapel is at the heart of school life and is used for daily assemblies, weekly Masses and as a place for moments of quiet reflection and prayer. Most students are Catholic but we welcome  children from other religions and faiths and benefit from their reflections  on our beliefs.

The School's success is firmly rooted in its readiness to adapt to change while  retaining its unique identity and, by adhering to these ideals, we provide our girls with those skills which will enable them to face the future with confidence.