Focusing on the Individual

"The overwhelming feeling at St Augustine's is of warmth, kindness and care. We are concerned for the whole child that they become good communicators, good citizens and learn to respect and tolerate each other."
(Department Head)

Children from all backgrounds and all races, with a wide range of gifts, make up the vibrant community which is St Augustine's. From their first day, girls become part of a family which respects the beliefs and customs of its members and learns to work together. It is what makes St Augustine's such a special place. All girls will have had the opportunity to meet their Form Teacher and Senior Form Teacher before they start in September and may well have been taught by them already. Their Form Teacher, who gently eases them into school routines,  and a Sixth Form Prefect, support them and help them to settle in.

When problems arise and questions need to be asked, we encourage a very personal approach. The Form Teacher has a special relationship with pupils, looking  after their day-to-day needs and encouraging them to get the very best out of their time at school. It is to the Form Teacher that pupils and parents can look in the first instance for help and guidance. And for the small number of girls who need help for a specific problem, there are specialist  teachers who offer help on a one-to-one basis. Many of the staff offer extra lessons and booster sessions before school or at lunchtime. If the interest is there, we pursue it.
All girls belong to one of four houses where they learn to take responsibility and to share in each other's achievements. Individual or collective achievement for effort, good conduct and outstanding academic work is celebrated throughout the term.

"They have a strong sense of justice and fairness, and a good awareness of their moral obligations to themselves and to others."
ISI, 2010