The Religious and Spiritual Life of the School

St Augustine’s offers an education for girls from the nursery all the way up to Upper VI (Year 13). This gives us particular responsibility for their spiritual formation as we are a constant in their childhood and adolescence.

We are blessed to have our wonderful Chapel, which is in constant daily use while the school is in session and is used for Mass and prayer.  It sits at the crossroads of the School corridors and the doors are always open. Girls pray together at regular intervals in assemblies, in the Refectory at lunchtime and in the classrooms. The rhythm of the school year is the rhythm of the liturgical year, conveyed through, liturgies, drama, music and art.

Additionally there are Masses for the whole School at the beginning and end of terms and Mass for the Juniors/Middle/Upper School on a rotating weekly basis. We also have voluntary Masses on days of Devotion and at other special Feast Days throughout the year.  A meditation group meets weekly.  Individual Liturgy prefects lead active collective worship in their Form on the days when there is no School Assembly.

We also have Stations of the Cross during Lent, May Devotions, June Devotions and the October Rosary; all are well attended including those which are voluntary. We encourage the girls to express their faith in drama, mime, music and art. The girls are always engaged in the various liturgical activities that we provide and they value and make use of the opportunities for prayer given to them.  When something is up, the Chapel is where they go to cry.  When old girls come back, it is where they want to go.

The liturgy, both formal and informal is, therefore, the backbone of the girls’ spiritual and moral development.  It gives the space to think and the ability to be still; it introduces them to eternity.