Senior Department

"At St Augustine's you're you. You can suggest any idea you want at The Student Chapter"
(Upper VI Pupil)

When our girls move from the Juniors to the Seniors, the uniform changes, 24 new Augustinians join them but all the familiar ideals of care, responsibility and excellence remain the same. Girls transfer automatically to the Senior School unless they wish to try for other schools in which case they sit the Senior Entrance Examination as external candidates. The external candidates, typically about 100 for the 24 places, sit an entrance examination in English and Mathematics. About 40 external candidates will be called for interview. An offer will be made on the basis of personality and an assessment of what both the girl and her family want from the school and can offer to it.

The 24 new Augustinians and 24 old Augustinians are then divided into two 24-strong classes, with each class being made up of 12 old and 12 new Augustinians. By the end of the first term it is impossible to see the join.

"I joined in Form III. I felt at home straight away"
(Lower IV Pupil)

When they move up into the Seniors, the girls are still children. When they leave us after A Levels, they do so as young adults. Education during these years is therefore carefully adapted to meet their changing needs. We do not stream, but we 'set' for Mathematics and Science from Lower IV (Year 8) and Upper IV (Year 9) respectively. We offer an extremely broad range of subjects at GCSE including Religious Studies, English (leading to two GCSEs), Mathematics, Science (leading to three GCSEs), French, Spanish, Latin, Russian, History, Geography, Greek, Sociology, Classical Civilisation, Art and Design, Music, ICT, Drama, Astronomy and PE. We expect our girls to do 10 GCSEs unless there is a good reason why they should not. You can view our recent examination results on the 'Results' page.

We are proud of our record of academic success across the whole curriculum and are committed to achievement of the highest standard, but we do not cram simply because it does not work. Rat races are for rats; there is life outside examinations. We are interested in celebrating every individual's all-round potential.