School Policies

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Whole-School Policies

A1 Policy-Admissions, misbehaviour and exclusions

A2 Policy-Pupils with Statements and EAL

A3 Policy-Curriculum

A4 Policy-Behaviour and Sanctions

A5 Policy-PSHE

A6 Policy-Safeguarding

A7 Policy-First Aid

A8 Policy-Anti-bullying

A9 Policy-Health and Safety

A10 Policy-Offsite Visits

A11 Policy-Fire Risk Assessment - Fire procedures

A12 Policy-Supervision of Pupils


A14 Policy-Handling of Complaints

A15 Policy-Disability

A16-Timings and Scheduled Activities

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

HR 8 Recruitment Policy

Data Protection Policy

E-Safety Policy

Substance Misuse Policy

Racial Equality Policy

Early Years Foundations Stage (EYFS) Policies

A6 / E1 Policy-Safeguarding Policy

E1 Policy-EYFS Missing Child Policy

E1 Policy-EYFS Outings Policy

E1 Policy-EYFS Personal Care Policy

E1 Policy-EYFS Uncollected Child Policy

E2 Policy- EYFS On-site Risk Assessment Nursery

E2 Policy- EYFS On-site Risk Assessment Reception

E3 Policy-Sample EYFS Risk Assessment for offsite visits

E4 / A7 Policy-First Aid

E6 Policy-Arrangements for the supervision of EYFS pupils-Reception

E6 Policy-Arrangements for the supervision of EYFS pupils-Nursery

E7 / A14 Policy-Handling of Complaints

E8 Policy-CRA

E9 Policy-EYFS Staff

E10 Policy-EYFS Behaviour Policy

E10 Policy-EYFS Policy