An Education for Life

"Girls are allowed to breathe here, to develop naturally and are given the self-confidence to stand on their own."
(Senior School Form Teacher)

We aim to provide girls not only with academic success but with those experiences which will develop their individuality and skills, so that they can face the challenges of the 21st century. In addition to the school-based Enrichment programme, Sixth Form students also have the chance to take part in a range of additional activities to try out new sports or skills and meet people from other schools. Students also take part in a two week work experience placement, when they are seconded to a variety of organisations, institutions and businesses to gain a practical insight into employment and areas of interest for future study.

We encourage girls to think about their next step and to make informed decisions at every stage of their development.

The Sixth Form is supported by the Careers and UCAS Advisory Department providing advice and guidance. The Department works with the students to consider their many future options, assisting with university and course selection, preparation for Oxbridge and other university applications and subsequent interviews.

This process is supplemented by an annual Careers Conference with guest speakers, mentors and experts in key fields invited in  to speak and to offer advice and insight.

Working with the Director of Sixth Form Studies,  every girl is encouraged  to examine her own strengths and to explore possibilities suitable for her interests and personal abilities. Talks, conferences, seminars and courses, a visit to  a Careers Fair and University Open Days, career profiling, as well as a well-stocked,  up-to-date Careers library and the Internet, allow all our students to keep abreast of opportunities on offer.

 All of this support builds on the guidance received throughout the school. When our girls leave here for university, they take with them not only impressive qualifications but also kindness, an understanding  of, and the ability to adapt to, the world in which they live, the confidence  to succeed in whatever they choose to do and above all, friendships which will  last them through life.

The girls "are articulate, confident, happy, enthusiastic and attentive learners"
ISI, 2010