Physical Education at St Augustine’s

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Sports offered – Hockey, Netball, High 5 Netball, OAA, Rounders, Football, Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming, Athletics, Cross-Country, Dance, Ballet and Karate.

The Team

Mrs A Bamford – Head of Department
Mrs Bamford joined St Augustine’s Priory in 1995. She has taught from Prep 1 to Upper 6 and has been the head of Department for 15 years. In her time at St Augustine’s she has enabled the school to compete in a wide range of activities across the London boroughs and has secured St Augustine’s position as a solid competitor in our high achieving matches. Mrs Bamford has introduced Physical Education in GCSE, AS and A2. The girls complete the GCSE in one year and regularly gain the top marks.

Miss L Akers
Miss Akers joined the department in 2009 and has been pivotal in steering the senior netball teams through high level competitions. Last year Miss Akers organised a Netball tour to Malta with a high performing Under 15 netball team – they were unbeaten!

Miss T Gibbs
Miss Gibbs joined St Augustine’s in 2008. She has been Junior Co-ordinator since last year and organises regular training for the Junior Teams in preparation for local fixtures.

Aims and objectives of department


We aim to provide an enjoyable and stimulating environment so that each student can:
• Develop confidence and competence in a range of physical skills
• Appreciate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle
• Appreciate their own and others strengths and weaknesses and respond appropriately
• Develop the ability to participate in individual, pairs and groups effectively
• Develop the ability to solve problems by planning, communicating and reviewing
• Understand the importance of fair play and abiding by the rules and codes of conduct of the activity
• Value the importance of following instructions, safe practice to participate in a safe learning environment
• Prepare students for GCSE , AS and A2 PE


• Acquire and develop skills
• Select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas
• Evaluate and improve on their own performance and others
• Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of principles related to health and skill related fitness.

Information by years

Ages 4-7
Key Stage 1 pupils are involved in physical activities that are mentally challenging giving them the chance to think about the dynamics of a sport and how they can better themselves in teams and/or pairs. The fundamental skills are also developed at this stage with close monitoring of fine and gross motor skills.

Ages 8 - 11
Key Stage 2 pupils are involved in a wide range of physical activities which encourage them to game play and help them to develop their skills in many sports as well as encouraging a positive attitude towards health and fitness.

Ages 11 - 14
Key Stage 3 pupils are involved in a wide range of physical activities, providing opportunities to develop a variety of diverse skills and to encourage a positive attitude towards health, fitness and physical recreation.

Ages 14 - 16
Key Stage 4 pupils are offered activities to encourage long life participation in physical activity. They may also decide to adopt the GCSE course in order to further develop their interest and expertise.

Girls have the option to complete Edexcel GCSE in one year in Year 10.

Girls are also given the opportunity to do AS and A2 PE.
They have to have gained a B or above in the GCSE to be eligible to do the AS course. The board they study is Edexcel which has lots of scope for practical skills.

How can I help my daughter?

Encourage movement and spatial awareness by joining Heathrow Gymnastic Club or Ballet and to promote a healthy lifestyle and nutrition at home.

Joining team games clubs, i.e. football, netball, swimming and hockey to improve fitness and ball skills. Continuing with healthy lifestyle education and nutrition at home.

Representing outside and school teams in netball, hockey, swimming and football. Competing in cross-country for fitness and a continued healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Representing outside and school teams in netball, hockey, swimming and football. Competing in cross-country for fitness and a continued healthy and balanced lifestyle. Joining a gym outside school for continued fitness and enjoyment.

Career progression

A range of opportunities are open to students to further develop their physical education. University courses available include; Sports Science, Sports Psychology, Physiology and QTS Physical Education.

Trips and Activities

At St Augustine's we recognise the importance of affording pupils the opportunity to use and compete with their sporting abilities. Here are details of some of our recent trips and tours.


Visit type

Target Group

Swimming Galas

Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

Various London locations in competitive competitions

5 day residential trip to develop team work, communication, personal challenges and problem solving


Lower IV

Netball   Tours

A variety of destinations for the netballers to compete internationally and improve as players

U13 – U16


A variety of locations offered annually for ski enthusiasts of all abilities.

UP II – Sixth Form